Dubbing Mixers - James Routh

James Routh is a freelance dubbing mixer based in the UK. James works mainly in the North of England in cities such as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. He has also mixed freelance in London at Grand Central Studios in Soho.

Dubbing Mixers - Equipment

James mixes from his home studio using Pro Tools and can easily integrate into other studios and dubbing theatres, which may operate different systems such as AMS Audiofile or Pyramix. James also has a fully portable system to record location ADR and voice over. For further details email info@thedub.co.uk.

Previous Work - James Routh

Before James decided to become a freelance dubbing mixer, he was employed at ITV Yorkshire's audio post production department where he worked on some of the country's favorite TV dramas. Click here for details of the dubbing mixers previous work.

Further Information about Dubbing Mixers - James Routh

If you have any questions about Dubbing Mixers, contact The Dub on 0779 654 7678 or email info@thedub.co.uk

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